Friday, August 18, 2006

SMALL Groups ...

'My Small group is a blessing to me because...
"Joining our small group made me...
  • 1. My small group is a blessing to me because it makes me closer to God. Being closer to God makes my life more happy. - Cathlyn Armada, YX
  • 2. We are a group of friends with no direction in our spiritual walk in God but now, helping each other grow in the Lord. - lan Dychiu
  • 3. My small group helped me to mature spiritually. I felt welcome and they made me feel important. I have the opportunity to share with my thoughts and opinions. - Greg Panibawan
  • 4. They brought joy to my heart especially seeing them to be active and great us to serve God in their Cells and in the ministry. - Lea Jamora
  • 5. They helped me to know the true meaning of life through walking with God. I can share all my thoughts and my problems as will and they molded me to become a new person. I learn that not only me had a big problem to encounter. - Anne Valderrama
  • 6. Grow more in loved with the Lord. It is through which that I learned to share my life to others. My small group helped me and eventually molded me into a person with discipline.
    - Clarissa Ursos
  • 7. Because I can know more about my God and my savior. It is batter to have a small group, so that you can know each other specially to our God that we will seek Him first.
    - Tom Gatuteo
  • 8. I can ask for whatever things that bothers me. Joining our small group made me a better person and made me realized that God is so good for giving the opportunity to be in a cell/ small group. - Marianne Austria
  • 9. It made me realize that I have a family in here even if I'm far from my family still somebody cares for me here. - Che2x Tan
  • 10. Made me refresh, inpower of their wisdom shared and bonding be-lovers.
    - Novie
  • 11. Helped me grow more spiritually. Learn more about God's word and mingled to other people. -Rosella Anemo
  • 12. It's helps me to grow spiritually, learn me how to be responsible and discipline in anything else and to be loved. - Sheryll
  • 13. My small group is a blessing to me because it strengthens my spiritual life and my faith and brings me closer to God. It makes me realized the greatness of our Lord and share what is happening with my life. My small group is a blessing to me because my path to God becomes very well directed. - Carla Grace Ursos
  • 14. Grow to know more about my purpose. God's purpose. To walk by faith with Him and more growing. - Patrick


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