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Had everything ... Lost everything
Life Testimony of Vernon (YX-Iloilo)

I was an average kid with an impeccable reputation. I was known throughout my school ... Wherever there was a conversation, you'll be sure to hear my name. If there was a new student, in les than a month, they'll be sure to know me. Nearly everyone knew me. Every student, every teachel every worker, & every parent involved in my school. I was known for my intellect, skills, & money. was active academically, had many extra curricular activities & was known for a unique but weir character for giving.
I was known as a provider. I provided for my class, my school, my schoolmates & my friends Everyday, I would bring 5 chessboards, a basketball, 6 table-tennis rackets, 2 table-tennis nets, 10 table tennis balls, at least 4 badminton rackets & equipment in a special bag, a 15 Ibs saxophone in it 6x14x36 in. case, a special folder for my files for our band, our class & student council as well as my bag filled with 12 heavy books, 20 notebooks & other "important" stuff all of which are still eviden around my room today.
I provided for my classmates whiteout, ballpens, pencils, papers, glue, etc..... They would cal me out & tell me what they needed in the middle of class. Many times, they would loose my stuff. Ever morning, I would disperse my sports equipment & collect them in the afternoon. I was class presiden for 3 yrs in a row. I was also a student council member for 3 yrs in a row as well & a band membe playing the saxophone for about two years. I almost got involved in the school paper. I was already ii but my closest friend opposed against it because I wasn't able to take the entrance test though staff & teachers all already accepted me because I was accepted last year & they believed in my ability.
As a president of my class, I provided or "contributed" money for our class funds with n< appreciation approximately a total of PI 5000 or more. I made every decisions on my own because nv fellow classmates will not cooperate & act so childish. Every meeting, they would not pay attentiol leaving me so angry, tired & weary. Many times, I would ask my parents for anything my class needed Almost 3 times during my final year did I try to resign as president but railed because our advise wouldn't allow me because I was to valuable to her. She believed in my ability as a leader (so did everyone) even if it killed me.
In band, I was the favorite. Our instructor considered me as one of the best saxophonist. He evei taught me special songs none of my fellow bandmates knew about. I still know them till today. In the student council, many believed in my ability to get things done so they would dump so maw responsibilities I would become the most active in our school. I was the best table-tennis player at ou category & was trained to play at the PRISAA. I received special attention by our instructors & wa highly favored.
Everyday, my routine would be the same. After class, I would either have a meeting with my class in our classroom on the 2nd floor or a student council meeting on the 3rd floor. I would then go t( the 2nd floor for band practice at least an hour & then I would go to the 4th floor for table-tennis practia & would often finish over 7 pm. If I had any free time, I would go down to play basketball.
Everyday, before my activities, I would go out to buy some snacks. Students would then line u{ & I would by them each a barbeque or fishball. I would spend at least PI 00 a day for them. The peopl( selling these foods would see me as a walking peso sign & they could easily retire in 5 years if it ha< gone on. As I would eat personally, many would come to me & shyly ask me to buy them a hamburger siomai & a drink whether an iced tea or milo a total of at least P50. Many of my classmates 01 schoolmates would borrow money from me. Then they would beg & then I would cancel their debt Many of them still owe me.
After my killer day would end, I would go home no sooner than 7pm eat dinner rest & then have tutor at 8-9pm. That was very stressful. Not only do I have to do all this things, I have to maintain my grades to. Intellectually, I was well known throughout the school as a genius. I was top one for 5 years but my final year I was at least top 2 or top 3 because it was the busiest All this took place before I was a teenager. I did all this things at age 10-12.1 did all this to gain the praise of people. I had gained fame children could only dream of. Till today, you can go to my school & people would still know my name but is bound to change in 2-4 years.
There were hidden problems no one knew till it was too late. I would be absent for a whole day at least once a week because of either a headache, a stomach ache, back ache, sore throat, or a fevci which strikes me at least once every 3 months. Emotionally, I had hurts with nearly everyone, even my family. I was already about to play a table-tennis competition when my father ripped my application form in front of my mom. I got over it till my friends told me if I had played, I could have won. Close to this time, I was 4 of our class & my mom was so mad she threatened to transfer me to another school all because of this. This was so hurtful to me & was the 2nd harshest moment with my mom. By this time, my sister was at Singapore for 6 months.
Around May of this year 2002,1 had started to watch Joel Osteen & it had really helped me in terms of my busyness in school. I had known a little bit of God which would later prove important in my way to becoming a Christian. Around the end of the year near Oct, because I was so busy, I hadn't realized it but I had stopped watching Joel Osteen or I had forgotten a few principles I had learned. On Oct. 25, the first event of a long journey begins- That morning, I missed class because of a headache. That noon, I wanted to rest at home but my mom got so mad because I already had so many absents on my record. She was more concerned about our ("her") reputation. It was the harshest moment ever. My mom was so mad at me that it had scared me emotionally one of which she never knew. When she left my room, a lot of the hurts I've felt seem to float around me & bombarding around me in my thoughts. Pressure began to pour over me. It was to much for a 12 year old to take. No one was there for me. I fell to the floor & began to tremble uncontrollably with pains to my head & feelings of dizziness. They admitted me to the hospital & would be brought out that day. My mom would later apologize for hei actions but my situation wasn't finish yet.
Dec 8, after a very tiring day at school, I fell from my bed to the ground unconscious & began to shake violently. They would admit me to the hospital & it would be 2 weeks till I would be able to go home. My sister had just arrived & how she must have felt wanting to rest from a long trip from Singapore. Doctors would never fully understand my sickness but my sister, being a Christian began to comfort me in my times of my distress.
My school later would allow me to graduate making assignments at home. Later, I would see my grades drop for a line of 9 to a line of 8.1 graduated without honor, without friends to be there for me & ironically, with fame as the most famous & weirdest kid to drop out of school. Today, people from my school look down on me because of what had happened. I had everything; in one day I lost everything.
June 2003,1 was given an opportunity to go to school at another prestigious & famous catholic school. My sickness caught up with me & I dropped out. The reason, I couldn't let go of my past. I wanted to go back to my old school to do (he things I used to do. God knew better for me. I had to get rid of that mind set. I didn't know it at that time. So it seemed I would be 1 year delayed. I didn't wani to. Then I was given an opportunity to take a test to accelerate to another year. By this time, I had a relationship with God. I studied & prayed & I expected to pass. I took the test declaring: "I am strong in the Lord & the power of His might" "No weapon formed against me is going to prosper" "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" "God always causes me to triumph" "I know I'm not the victim in life I know I'm the victor in life. I was so confident & practically whispered prayers the whole time.
I later learned that I would know the results by March, the month of my birthday. I've ever joked, "God, let this be your birthday gift to me". I didn't realize it but I had wrong intentions. I talkec to my father that my plan was to go back to my old school & do the things I used to do &. pretendec nothing happened being confident that I would pass not confidence in myself rather because of my fairt in God. That wasn't what God wanted. So when I received the results, I failed. I reasoned it to Ix injustice. I had 4 mistakes & failed. I prayed that DepEd (DECS at the time) would consider checking the faults declaring, "if God is for me, who dare be against me". I later would humble myself & accepted the fact that now I was 1 year behind. I learned the truth later in 2005 & now I'm thankful God didn'1 answer my prayers.
June 2004,1 went to a newly opened school but I let my past spoil it. Finally, God spoke to me letting me know I have to let go of my past before I could go back to school. I did what I had to do but il wasn't easy. Finally, around Oct of that year, we had gained information that Bethany Life Cenlei Academy had home study programs & Nov, I started having classes. Now, only by the grace of God ] am no longer behind because of BLCA home study double program, which allowed me to finish 1 school year in the quickest time possible.
During my sickness. God was the only One to comfort me. I had nothing to do at home so I read my bible & prayed. Honestly, my sickness was used by God to bring me to Him. I had known more about Him & had a growing desire to serve Him & growing all the more each day. Today, march 9 2006, I had learned that I am to receive so many awards this march 23 because of my excellence ir school. This is one day after my birthday. I had just realized this moment that this truly is God's birthday gift to me reflecting on the gift I was expecting in March of 2004. This is more than I could even hope for. This is the faithfulness of God.
1 am not ashamed being home schooled because it is a testimony of the goodness of Qod to thai & me in the midst of troubles. He remains Faithful. I am not ashamed of the fact that I was once been sick with a weird illness because the fact is had I not gotten sick, I wouldn't be where I am today. I don'1 know what my life would had been. Taking a guess, I would be a selfish, proud people pleaser spending all my money on people with no purpose but to please them & to receive their praise gaining fame thai would not last & of no value doing things unimportant with a dream so little it could easily be achieved. Now God has so blessed me that I feel everyday could be a great testimony like this. That is why I had a hard time writing this. I am so overwhelmed with what God is doing in my life everyday. Its like the lyrics of a song, "everyday with you Lord, is sweeter than the day before". This is absolutely true in my life.
Long time ago, I did so many things but was a worthless effort. But now, I'm doing all thing! with an immeasurable value. Now, God has given me dreams that would boggle your & my mind as well. They are summed up in the lyrics of my to 2 favorite songs, "I want to se Jesus lifted high...." "] will shout Your fame to all the earth & I will lift Your name up high, & the world will know youi greatness, as I live a life that shouts Your fame". My dream is to serve God with all my heart all my life. This saying is true for me," sometimes God strips us of everything & when we have nothing, we realize we have everything because we have Him & that He is all we need. This is just a short summary of my testimony. I have many more as Rood as this. To God be the Glorv Forever.


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