Saturday, April 01, 2006


I am Ruseller Mondragon Malinao, happily married blessed with a 5 year old son. Another blessing from heaven is expected to be added in my family this coming October. At present, we are happy, contented and secured in God’s loving embrace. But like just other children of God, I was once astray until he took me home again.

In college, I was one of the most popular student in school, not to mention that I was the student council president. Prestige and honor was on me - or so I thought. I met my wife Natalie also in school where I am studying and our relationship started while we were still Freshmen.

We engaged in pre marital sex and before our graduation, she got pregnant. Faced with circumstance and the threat in school not to let us graduate until we get married, we tied the knot. But young as I am, shocked by realities that I am not ready to receive, I engaged myself in sin. My wife lived in my fathers house waiting for her delivery. We stayed in one room. But she was there, always alone while I went out, engaging myself in festive socialization with my friends.

I drank like a fish, I smoked like chimney and I was involved in relationship outside marriage. But my wife never left my side. She never spoke bad of me. Until this day, I cannot imagine how she was able to take it all and just being silent, it so happen that my wife had a sponsor abroad since she was young. After learning about her situation, they committed to support her and her new family. Was I ever grateful about that? Yes, I was but not to God. I was just thankful because of their monthly financial support from her sponsors, I can continually plunder in sin.

When I got a teaching position I spent my salary only for myself. My night life is my only life. I never shared my salary with my family but my wife shares with me her monthly financial support . Everything was provided. From rent of our apartment, to the electric bill, the food on our table everyday and even the milk for my son. I felt like I need not work.

In May 2004, My wife and I transferred to Bacolod City. She took CareGiving at the Lifeline Training Center. I was suppose to take some credits for special education at Riverside College but some problems in the program arose and I wasn’t able to enroll. But I still continued to receive my allowance & tuition fee for 6 months from our dedicated sponsor who did not know even to this time that I wasn’t able to enroll at Riverside.

All the money they were sending to me for my education aside from our monthly budget that shall cover all our expenses in Bacolod were spent by me in worldly things. After 6 months, my wife finished her training at Lifeline and I had no other choice but to take the training as well. My wife and my son went back to San Carlos. I stayed in Bacolod. When I was already alone here in Bacolod, I realized that I miss my wife and son, but this feeling is very easy to shake off my system. Until one day, God made His own move to save me from complete destruction.

On my 2nd to the last module at Lifeline in April of this year, I got to have Ms. Ge Despojo as my teacher in the “Fundamentals of Caregiving”. One day, she shared the story of her daughter to the class – the story of Baby Ice. She attested to how God worked in miracles during these trying times of her life and her husband, and how her husband has surrendered their daughter back to God. At the end of her sharing, I felt nothing extraordinary. I sat there listening and that was it. But when I went inside my room at my boarding house, alone, I can feel God knocking at the door of my heart and I just can’t take it for granted. For no reason at all, tears started to drop like rain from my eyes and with my failing vision, I saw my salvation.

I rose up from my bed and talked to the Father like a son from a very long journey, now tired and totally consumed and just needs the comforting arms of His Creator. I knelt, I prayed like never before. I realized how much I love my wife and my son and how fortunate I am to have them in my life and I said “My God, my God, what have I done to my life?”

Total acceptance and surrender followed. There were no “if’s”, no doubts and right there and then I turned away from sin. I did not quit drinking, smoking and other worldly behavior gradually -- for right at that moment I was born again! Right there and then I quit drinking & all other vices!

On May 5, 2005. I and Ms. Ge Despojo had a talk in our classroom. It was my formal acceptance. I cried like a baby but I did not feel like a weakling. In contrast, I felt victorious for I know that I was lost but God looked for me and took me in.

After a week, My wife Nathalie shared with me my happiness with the Lord. I had been a living miracle of God’s grace and love and at the present were serving God as a family, praying as a family, making our journey together as a family of God.

But our journey does not end here. Last week my wife sponsor sent us an email informing us that we need to find a job, because in 6 months time our financial support will soon cease. That was just last week but the truth is our financial support did not arrive. I don’t know if they will give us time to look for a job or just let us go. This is a very uncertain time in my whole life. As a matter of fact I am sure that God will take care of us. I am no longer afraid for now I am complete with the God. And my family and there is nothing that I fear of, not even death.

I thank God for bringing me back home through Ms. Ge, her husband Jay and the story of Baby Ice. Life is a constant war against evil but I am now at peace with the Lord and I know that he will take care of me until the last days of my life. I thank Him for saving me at the time when I am leading my life to damnation. Until the day that I will meet my Creator in heaven, I and my family will constantly sing songs of praise and worship for His Glory.


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