Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good morning! I am Arnee Grace, married to Dr. Jimmy Pacete and we have 4 beautiful children.
I have been bom to a Christian family and as a kid, I was immersed in the word of God. Since my aunties were active in the ministry, I was often made to tag along with them during outreach evangelism, and every summer in daily vacation bible schools for kids. As a teenager, I was involved in campus ministries. Later as an adult, I sometimes went to church on Sunday mornings, feeling obligated, but mainly because I knew it was the right thing to do. Attending Sunday worship services was more of a tradition to keep, and at every flimsy excuse I had, I was readily absent in church. Somehow on Sundays I would manage to develop headaches or wouldn't feel well at all! I also had a lot of excuses for not having a personal daily quiet time with the Lord!
After medical school, I met and got married to a wonderful man, and we've been blessed with 4 beautiful, healthy children these past 12 years. The Lord is really good to me! I had a comfortable life, a thriving career, a happy marriage, healthy children, and a supportive and loving family. I had what I have dreamed of. And yet, there was a nagging feeling deep inside. There was a certain stateness to my Christian life. Deep down, I knew something was missing in my life. What I didn't realize was that God wanted more than head knowledge of Him.
During one of my grocery trips to Robinson's Supermarket, someone handed me an invitation for His Life Ministry's 40 Days of Purpose late February of last year. I made one small step ... I attended the service that fateful Sunday, and my life was changed forever! The pastor said: the purpose of my life was more than my wildest dreams, more than my ambitions, and more than my own success or happiness. For me, that was a radical statement! Perhaps it is time to re-order my life, not around me or my family, but I'll start with God! Right then and there I recommitted my life to the Lord... I certainly wanted to know what He has in store for me, I wanted to discover my purpose in life. Pastor Joebert then made an invitation to be a part of a small group that meets every week. I made another small step... I still remember sister Mabol Armada who texted me and invited me to join in the cell led by Pastor Dante Montano.
For the next 7 weeks, we went on a journey together with our other group mates, and I rediscovered myself, and found the answer to the nagging feeling I had deep inside. In its place is the fullness of God in my heart. I had what they call a breakthrough! I now have more than just head knowledge of the LORD, this time I now have an intimate experience of him everyday of my life. He has shown me my purpose, and the happiness I now feel is much more fulfilling than the one I had before. And each day, I get more excited because I know the Lord can do great wonders in my life! Each day I feel that I'n at the verge of a journey to greater heights with the Lord!
I continually pray that the Lord will use me to touch other people through the ministries that God had put me.
I thank the Lord for giving me the courage to take those first small steps. It is by His Grace that we get to accomplish anything!


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