Saturday, April 01, 2006

From PASTOR DANTE - His Life Cagayan

God is Faithful! He keeps on bringing souls in the fold.
This month of March, 2 Open Cell Groups were opened. Both have at least 8 members and composed of young people.
God is working in a special way in every individual. Testimonies of answered prayer were celebrated with gladness in the group especially among the graduates in High School & College. Passing the Final Exams and even Qualifying exams to the level were really a big blessing to our young people here.
A special testimony was shared to me by Tita Merlita, the mother of my disciple Kenneth Generalao. According to her, something is going on in the life of his son Kenneth. For the past weeks, Kenneth would seriously tell her that he wanted to be a pastor. Early in the morning and late at night he would keep on telling tita Merlita about his desire. “A deep passion to serve God and compassion to the youth are burning in my heart” as Kenneth gave the confirmation to what tita Merlita has told me.
Kenneth has been attending our church since November. He accepted Jesus last November 6, 2006 during our SWC at KFC. He also invited and brought her ate Maricel the following Sunday. Since then, both attended our services without miss, except the time his father died last January - at that time he needed to be home to mourn with the family. I visited them during their saddest moment and that’s the chance I met tita Merlita. Right now we’re having a Home Cell Group at their house every Sunday night. In fact, one of our High School Open Cell Groups was organized by Kenneth. So far it is my biggest group, attended by atleast 8 young people consistently.
As of now, only time, prayer, love and discipleship can keep him right on track until the time he’ll be thoroughly equipped to do the work of service. Our God is Alive and Amazing! GLORY! GLORY! GLORY! to Him Alone!


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